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Life at Caterpillar Nursery.


Children learn by doing, thinking, exploring, through quality interaction, intervention and relationships founded by children’s interest and abilities across a variety of contexts.


Active learning provides opportunities for children to develop vital skills and knowledge building a positive attitude to learning. Every day is a new day at Caterpillar Nursery and whilst there are some ‘routine’ tasks that happen during our sessions, each child is able to blossom at their own pace and is provided with opportunities to develop as confident, empowered, resilient and happy individuals.

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Our Outside World


All children have free flow access to our garden where they are able to move freely, quickly and climb. Children are encouraged to take care of our plants and understand the importance of the world around them.


Our Caterpillars have access to construction, role play, water, a sand pit, and a mud kitchen. and are able to access wheeled toys encouraging them to build balancing, turn taking and sharing skills.


Our mud kitchen allows children to use their maths skills to measure, weigh, calculate and mix media using a variety of tools from around the world. 

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Exceptional Learning Experiences

As our Caterpillars begin to grow their wings, we offer a range of bespoke educational experiences which enable children to become successful lifelong learners with confidence and self-belief, including:

  • Wake Up & Shake Up – an activity to energise the brain using cross-lateral movements

  • Dough Disco - a fun activity with play-do that supports motor-accuracy ready for writing skills

  • Cookery Time which incorporates many aspects of the curriculum

  • A range of bespoke activities which promotes your child’s wellbeing and confidence, including emotion boxes and chatterboxes

  • Garden Champions (RHS School Awards Level 1) – our own bespoke gardening activity which is supported by the Royal Horticultural Society’s School Gardening Awards training programme.

  • Forest School sessions – out into the Spinney at Brookhurst School

  • Dancing

  • Multi-Sports


Caterpillar Nursery is registered with Eco Schools.  We are currently working towards our 2020 award.  Any member of our Caterpillar Family can become involved through joining our Eco Committee.

Pre-School Excellence

Being on the same site as one of the most respected Primary Schools in the area offers unique opportunities for our Caterpillars.  Find out how

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