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About Us

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"It is our mission to provide quality childcare and education in a safe and fun environment, where all children will be stimulated and encouraged through play to develop as individuals in their pre-school years."

Caterpillar Nursery has been a well established and respected Pre-School  in Warwickshire since 1985 and has developed a strong reputation for delivering quality childcare and education, meeting the needs of individual children and their families.

What Makes us Special

We are a close-knit community and with a capacity of 20 children per session we are able to offer a fully inclusive and tailored experience for your child.  All our children are nurtured by exceptionally gifted staff and our small family-focussed pre-school means we get to know your child in ways that larger settings may not.  We have a loyal trustworthy team of staff, some who have worked with us since we opened 14 years ago.


As a  not-for-profit charity any money that we make through fundraising we  put back into the development of our nursery, which means the resources for our children are constantly being updated.  Plus it means that we get to hold fun fundraising events throughout the year for everyone to get involved in!

What We Believe In

To develop a strong sense of family each child has a key worker. This provides a strong link between parent, home, nursery and the wider community. We develop this process by having regular room meetings, staff meetings and training sessions, to help keep up to date with all new childcare developments and initiatives. At these meetings, the curriculum is planned and developed to meet the needs of each individual child, embracing all the key areas of learning

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Meet Our Team

Come and meet the incredible people who make Caterpillars special.

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